Our take on a new challenge, inventing the ideal transit hotel room, for a budget. We have designed a warm toned cocoon, shielded from the airport environment. Soft finishes and a bed separated from the window by the bathroom ensure a noiseless sleep. The room furnishing is simple and sufficient,designed for a short stay, availing all the traditional functions of the hotel room in an innovative way. Meanwhile the focus is made on the bathroom, bright, generously sized and fitted. The room offers numerous practical solutions for the traveller items and bags, eschewing the usual oversized wardrobe for varied storage, hanging and fitting solutions.

The room provides the traveler with all the required connectivity, from Bluetooth TV to app-controlled lighting moods. The built-in circadian lighting helps with the jet lag .

The minimalistic design is highlighted by the luminous glass wall, featuring a time worn Malaysian wall with its superimposed and weathered coats of paints and providing a subtle sense of place.