Bravo to the team

We have worked years on the Ritz Carlton Langkawi project and we learned a lot. At the end of this particular journey we all share the same feelings, pride of what it is , regret for what it could have been . The resort we have dreamed is now real and as always we would like it to be better . It is the way in creating, you can’t never achieve the dream. But as it stands it is a beautiful resort , probably the best we have designed, and we are confident the guests will greatly enjoy their experience at the Ritz Carlton Langkawi. So big thanks to our team, Queena Djajaprawira , Theera Sitsayanarain , Philippe Villeroux on the architecture, Yewmun Chan , Joan Ho and Christie Ching on the Interiors, Yves Salharang and Alain Laplace on the management . And now to the next.