Tropical Area is a relatively small practice, by choice, with a personal approach to the work of Architects & Designers . OurĀ team rarely exceed 20 professionals, small by Asian standards and we fully specialise in Resorts . We limit the quantity of projects we undertake to guaranty the full involvement of all our key persons in the projects we design.

Philippe Villeroux, French, Architect DPLG, principal , is the direct contact for all projects and directly in charge of the architectural design and all design related issues and meetings.

Queena Djajaprawira, Indonesian, Architect, Partner, lead the architectural design development. Queena has been working with Tropical Area since 2001 Queena is an expert in timber buildings and lead Jakarta office.

Theera Sitsayanarain, Thai, Senior Structural Engineer is in charge of the architectural drawings production and technical coordination. Theera , also called Rome, is a great asset for the studies coordination with the technical consultants .

Yewmun Chan , Malaysian, Senior Interior Designer, heads the Interior Design projects. Yewmun has 15 years of experience has senior designer.

Joan Ho , Malaysian, Interior Designer , is in charge of the interior design drawings production . Joan is with Tropical Area since the very beginnings of the company.

Christie Ching, Malaysian, Interior Designer, is our procurement head. Christie has 20 years of experience in the field and has great knowledge of interior finishes and fabrics.

Yves Salharang , French , is in charge of the project coordination and administration , including the coordination with the other consultants and Project team. Yves previous experience as Regional Projects Director for Club Med is a great asset to our company.

Alain Laplace , French, Project manager, is our site supervision head and usually manage the remote sites works implementation. Alain has been Head of technical services in hotels for 10 years and Project Manager for 15 years .


Queena Djajaprawira

Theera Sitsayanarain

Rudy Suryadi

Rudy Yanto

Indah Febrianty

Michell Edbert Suryanto

Adrian Brodjonegoro

Monika Sidarta Gunawan

Adis Hijriah

Yusup Ginanjar

Dwika Muhamad Dien

Dominique Laksamana

Blasius Andy

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Philippe Villeroux

Yves Salharang

Alain Laplace

Yewmun Chan

Joan Ho

Christie Ching

Lim Kee Chuan

Koh Tan Qi

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