Resort Conception & Design



Tropical Area is a consultancy specialised in resort development, including preliminary and feasibility studies, architecture and interior design.

Registered in 1999, Tropical Area is born from the relationship between Pierre Constant Lacombe, of Tropical Architecture, leading architectural practice in French Polynesia and Philippe Villeroux, architect DPLG.

Philippe Villeroux graduated in 1989 from Bordeaux Talence School of Architecture and immediately started as one of the two partners in Eric Raffy & Associes. The young company did some groundbreaking design works, as Michel Bras restaurant & Hotel , Paco Rabanne main showroom , discovered Asia with Club Med and moved to Japan in the early nineties. From there Philippe Villeroux shifted focus to South East Asia where he settled in 1993, working initially in Singapore with the Interior Designer Kiel Ongg.

After 5 years designing hotels and resorts in Malaysia, Philippe Villeroux realised the interior design for the Club Med of Kabira , in the Japanese island of Ishigaki, then moved to French Polynesia , at the request of Pierre Lacombe.

As Senior Architect, Philippe worked on several luxury resort projects and developed a knowledge of overwater resorts construction, in one of the most specialised practices in the world.

Tropical Area Sdn Bhd, incorporated in Malaysia to bring this expertise in the South East Asia dynamic resort scene , had an immediate success .

Philippe Villeroux came back in Malaysia in 2001 to follow the development of the new company in the Maldives and South East Asia.

Today Tropical Area has offices in Kuala Lumpur (Tropical Area Sdn Bhd) and Jakarta (PT Tropical Area) under the direction of Queena Djajaprawira.

Since its incorporation, Tropical Area has been involved in numerous resorts projects ,often very early in the process , developing new hospitality concepts or identifying locations . As architects and interior designers we provide full design services but we love to use our experience to invent new types of resorts .

We made a specialty of developments in remote locations, with strong emphasis on the respect of the environment, the most important single component of any resort.

Each of our works remains the journal of the discovery of a new place, a new experience.

We have strong beliefs in term of design, with the key words of nature, roots and mood but we always remain open to other influences, cultures or inspirations. This is the core of our work, a shared creation that owners and guests can recognise as their own.